2012 North Bay Investor Summit – Summaries of Presenting Companies

10.12.2012 - Capital Markets

Here are the 10 innovative companies selected to present at the North Bay Investor Summit.


búcha is a rising competitor in the fast-growing kombucha beverage market.

Claro Energy

Claro Energy aims to ‘digitize’ agriculture in emerging markets through automation and technology enabled solutions.

Evena Medical

A revenue-ready Health IT risk mitigation platform for early detection/prevention of problematic venous therapies and medical errors.


Bluebird Interactive, Inc. has created an online marketplace and toolset for SketchUp plug-ins, a rapidly growing alternative to AutoCAD.

eZe Products, Inc.

eZe Products provides a hygienic, easily transportable dental care system for the traveler.

Free Flow Wines

Free Flow provides custom kegging services & logistics to wineries, enabling the premium wine on tap market.

Glooey, Inc.

Glooey enables delivery of dynamic and targeted advertising content to consumers via mobile devices.

Lumen LED

Lumen offers superior LED bulb designs and is well-positioned in the LED bulb market with proven manufacturing and channel partners.

Tastebud Incubator

Tastebud is launching a for-profit virtual business incubator serving the specialty food market.

Tractus Corp

Tractus dramatically reduces operator time to make ultrasound a cost-effective breast cancer screening tool with significantly greater accuracy than mammography.

The North Bay Investor Summit will be held on October 30, 2012 at the Sonoma Raceway – 29355 Arnold Drive in Sonoma.  Accredited investors interested in learning more about the event please follow this link to obtain the latest information and register to attend.