Angel Capital Expo – Presenting Companies

05.19.2012 - Capital Markets

The Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo is one of the largest events in the angel capital community and regularly draws over 300 accredited investors and entrepreneurs.  The following companies will present at the May 24th program.

Presentation #1 – Edward Loew, President

Veebow is a “no risk” marketing platform that delivers transparency and empowerment while providing 100% conversion rate on promo cost.

Presentation #2   Embee Mobile – Russell Tillitt, CEO

Embee Mobile enables its clients to crowdsource global intelligence. Our community of 2 million users perform tasks in exchange for mobile airtime.

Presentation #3   Calpian, Inc. – Harold Montgomery, CEO

Calpian owns the largest, fast-growing mobile money transfer company inIndiaand processes credit/debit card payments in theUS.

Presentation #4   Shoe Care Innovations, Inc. – Adam Ullman, President & CEO

We provide a healthier environment for feet inside shoes, by sanitizing shoes with UV light.

Presentation #5   WTFast – Rob Bartlett, CEO & Founder

WTFast speeds up online game play by up to 70%. We are a SAAS company that controls the game connection so gamers can win.

Presentation #6   AnyMeeting – Costin Tuculescu, CEO

AnyMeeting is a completely FREE, full-featured web conferencing and webinar service, with a disruptive, ad supported model.

Presentation #7   Sword Diagnostics – Dave Dingott, President

Detection technology is the foundation of disease diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. The ability to detect traces of cancer-forming cells, for example, depends on advances in detection. Such advances have been hindered by the use of antiquated detection methods… until now.

Presentation #8   MobileCause – C. Douglas Plank, Chairman & CEO

MobileCause (“MC” or the “Company”) is the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider focusing exclusively on the non-profit sector.

Presentation #9   Bascom Value Added Apartment Fund Investors LLC – Michael Obley, Partner – Mission Realty Capital

The Bascom Value Added Apartment Investors, LLC (“Fund”) is a property acquisition fund raising $50 million of equity capital.

Presentation #10 Galleon Ventures LLC – Sean Tucker, Managing Member

Galleon is a historical shipwreck exploration company, currently working on a project inColombiato locate and salvage treasure wrecks.

Presentation #11 VeriCorder Technology Inc. – Jason Neale, CEO

Online publishing system for an iPhone to record, edit, transcode & post content in real time, ideal for breaking news or the winning goal!

Presentation #12 Granite Peak Partners, Inc. – Bruce Savett, Founding Principal

Granite Peak Partners structures real estate investments and 1031 exchanges for individual and institutional investors – providing a superior full-service approach to the real estate investment process.

Presentation #13 RYNO Motors – Christopher Hoffmann, Founder

One wheel transportation = half the ride time and twice the fun getting there.

Presentation #14 Christopher Collins™ – Christopher Collins, Designer & Erica Tanamachi, Creative Director & CFO

A women’s contemporary sportswear brand for the modern woman to “feel beautiful, fresh, natural and new” with effortless elegance.

Seed Presentation #1   Tractus Corporation – Scott Huntley, CEO

If you have dense breasts AND a cancer – your mammogram will probably report that all things are normal. Tractus finds those missed cancers.

Seed Presentation #2   TripShare  – Bob Dana, Co-founder & CEO

An iPad and web solution for travel planners who need to involve family, friends and colleagues. Create a trip, share it and book.

Seed Presentation #3   Parent’s Closet – Molly O’Kane, Founder

Times are tough; help improve schools and families with Parent’s Closet mobile e-community.

Seed Presentation #4   Compact Particle Accelerator Corporation – Anthony Zografos, PhD, President

Compact Particle Acceleration Corporation (CPAC) is developing a revolutionary new proton accelerator for the radiotherapy treatment of cancer.

Seed Presentation #5   Back2Earth – Deepak Kumar, Chief Strategy Officer

Back2Earth Technologies, Inc. has pioneered a clean tech solution using food scrap waste and other organics to produce renewable energy (biogas), road salts and bioplastics that are completely biodegradable.

Seed Presentation #6 – Brian Gruber, Founder & CEO

One Line Pitch: Discover and share live music from the world’s iconic clubs. Club hop 100 premiere clubs streaming 1,000 concerts per month. Get it live.

The Keiretsu Forum is the largest North American angel investment network and has been one of the most active in the Bay Area for the past five years according to the San Francisco Business Times.

The Angel Capital Expo will be held in the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco with registration beginning at 7:30 AM.  Please contact Sonja Markova to register – 415.573.0751.