Banquet Of Life

Morimoto – a culinary treasure

07.03.2011 - Banquet Of Life

The picturesque Napa Valley is a truly blessed place to live and work. The sense of community is clearly palpable with the multiplicity of activities and events that provide for those less fortunate. Leading the charge are the many world class chefs and wineries that call the Napa Valley home.

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Buon Gusto Cucina Italiana

06.05.2011 - Banquet Of Life

Prepare for an incredible Italian feast when dining at Cucina Italiana. Everything is fresh, delicious and reasonably priced. You will enjoy generous portions of exceptional authentic Italian fare are made to order. It is well worth a detour from the heart of Napa Valley and the drive is gorgeous.

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Good food, good wine, good friends, good books

05.05.2011 - Banquet Of Life

Good food, good wine, good friends, good books

What more could one ask for than to enjoy and share life’s greatest pleasures?

Postings will be dedicated primarily to four of my greatest passions – wine, cooking, travel and restaurants as well as the many other pleasures of life like a good book.

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