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Battling bankers boon for business borrowers

06.27.2011 - Capital Markets

The credit market pendulum has swung from one extreme to another and then back again. The financial crisis precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy appears to be a dim and distant memory. Commercial banks are climbing all over themselves today to write new business and demonstrate top line growth to investors and analysts. The tightened credit standards of the last couple of years have begun to fall by the wayside with the banks’ increased appetite for risk.

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Thawing credit markets likely to become a Mississippi flood

05.14.2011 - Capital Markets

Commercial bank CEO’s are under great pressure today from Wall Street analysts to increase revenues and profitability if they want to receive favorable endorsements from analysts. According to recent conversations with a number of senior commercial bank lending executives, this will require banks to add assets in substantial quantities.

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Spring is in the air as the credit markets thaw

04.02.2011 - Capital Markets

Owners of privately held middle market companies are all too aware of how solid the credit markets froze in 2008. Precipitated by the demise of such venerable firms as Bear Stearns & Lehman Brothers that coincided with one of the worst recessions ever, banks became risk adverse and miserly.

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