Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo

04.26.2013 - Capital Markets

The Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo is one of the largest events in the angel capital community and draws more than 300 accredited investors (angel and institutional) and entrepreneurs.  The following companies will present at the May, 2, 2013 program.

Summary of Presenting Companies

# 1 Indow Window – Sam Pardue, CEO

Indow Windows are thermal window inserts that press into your window frames to give you money-saving, double-pane window performance but at a much lower cost. Indow Windows boost your comfort by blocking cold winter drafts and can save you up to 20%* on your heating bills.

#2 CaliforniaSafe Soil – Dan Morash, CEO

We have proprietary technology to recycle food from supermarkets into Harvest-to-Harvest™, a high nutrient soil amendment for farmers. Our pilot plant inWest Sacramento,CArecycles food from Safeway, Nugget, Whole Foods and Save Mart.

#3 Kingstone Media – Art Ayris, CEO

Graphic novels are the fastest growing format in publishing. In 2013 Kingstone will become the largest Christian comics publisher in the world. Kingstone has contracts with Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, Family Christian, other major retailers as well as growing e-book distribution sales channels.

#4 Pyatt Broadmark – Adam Fountain, CEO

Pyatt Broadmark Management, LLC (“PBM”) manages a $25M real estate lending fund focused in the Pacific. Northwest called Pyatt Broadmark Real Estate Lending Fund I (“PBRELF I”) with a target return of >10% per year while minimizing principal risk and maintaining some measure of liquidity.

#5 Molecular Detection – Todd Wallach, CEO

MDI is a privately-held commercial-stage diagnostics company that has developed and commercialized a series of performance-leading highly-multiplexed, rapid and highly-accurate molecular diagnostic assay kits. MDI’s commercial focus is the rapid detection of infectious diseases.

#6 Greenopedia – Sheryl Ryan, CEO

Greenopedia is a convenient place for consumers to find educational content related to their sustainability interests; and offers brands a new way to communicate their sustainability efforts and attract new customers, generate awareness, deepen loyalty, and build advocacy.

#7 Moving Life – Yuval Chomski, CEO

Moving Life has an innovative personal vehicle which magically transforms into an airplane-sized trolley, releasing users from life of limitations. Our mission is to create a superior alternative to existing mobility scooters.

#8 Tiatros – Kimberlie Cerrone, CEO

Tiatros is a new way to coordinate healthcare services that lets healthcare providers overcome their institutional walls to act as an efficient care team, whose activities are coordinated and fully informed.

#9 EyeIC – PhilipHeifetz, CEO

EyeIC is a cutting-edge medical technology firm dedicated to commercializing imaging technologies for medical applications. EyeIC was founded around patented technology developed by Dr. Jeffrey Berger and colleagues at theUniversityofPennsylvania’sSchoolofMedicinewho were interested in the application of information technology to medical imaging.

#10 PiMobility – Marcus Hays, CEO

PiMobility manufactures the patented Electrobike. The Electrobike offers twice the range at half the cost of competing electric bikes. The company serves the estimated $1Bn rental niche slotted between new_wave automated bike-sharing systems and more traditional bike renting services.

#11 eWinery Solutions – Ronald Scharman, President & COO

eWinery Solutions is the #1 provider of direct-to-consumer software services to the wine industry serving 550+ customers on 5 continents from itsNapa,CAheadquarters. In developing VinSuite, built on the NetSuite ERP and CRM platform, eWinery will provide wineries worldwide the first fully integrated, vertical specific, cloud application to run an end-to-end business and manage omnichannel sales, including tasting room, web, telesales, and social commerce, in both B2C and B2B wholesale distribution channels. The solution will also provide complete integrated applications for wine making production and vineyard management. This game changing solution will be called “VinSuite”.

#12 Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Nadav Kidron, CEO

Oramed is developing proprietary platform technology for the oral administration of injectable medications. Oramed (Nasdaq: ORMP) is a publicly traded company recently uplisted to Nasdaq from the OTC Bulletin Board. The company has no debt, has raised over $20 million, and has over $6 million in cash and investments.

Winners of Business Plan Competitions

#1 Nanotech Biomachines – WillMartinez, CEO & CTO

JohnF.KennedyUniversityBusiness Plan Competition

Nanotech Biomachines is the only worldwide producer of industrial_grade graphene, which will replace Silicon, GaAs, and transparent conductive oxides for many applications in the near future. Our trademark product is Gradphene, which we supply to industrial and academic research labs around the world. We specialize on providing large monolayers and double layers for electronic applications. Our customers are creating faster radio-frequency transistors, printable electronics, wearable sensors, and flexible touch displays among other innovative products. Our proprietary technology was developed in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL). Nanotech Biomachines was selected along with Intel from a pool of 200+ applicants to develop its technology at LBL and gain access to billion-dollar lab infrastructure at no cost.

#2 Vitruvian – Michael Woodcox, Founder & CEO

St. Mary’s College Business Plan Competition

Vitruvian creates panelized building components using our proprietary digital modeling and fabrication technology to reduce construction cycle time and increase energy efficiency of walls, roofs, and floors. We replace the traditional stick framing system with prefabricated wall, roof and floor modules that are easy to transport, assemble, and go together in a fraction of the time required for traditional framing.

Updates from past Keiretsu Forum Presenters

#1 Perkville – Sunil Saha, CEO

Perkville helps small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) retain customers by providing them with a cloud enabled loyalty platform. We’re already used by nearly 1,000 SMBs and several hundred thousand users around the world. Perkville is generating six figures of revenue annually.

#2 Sword Diagnostics – Dave Dingott, CEO

Sword Diagnostics is commercializing a proprietary, “plug and play” reagent technology (chemistry) that dramatically improves the performance of traditional research and diagnostic tests. This technology works in standard tests and uses standard, off-the-shelf instrumentation.

#3 Minetta Brook – DB, CEO

Our patent-pending machine learning and linguistics technology helps users rapidly navigate large unstructured data, quickly find the most relevant information, see unexpected connections, and observe trends in dynamic bodies of information.

#4 Paradigm – Gordon Skene, CEO

Paradigm is a waste-to-energy company at early commercial stage. Paradigm’s patented MicroSludge® technology is used at industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants to pre-treat sludge, a waste by-product, to increase both the rate and the extent that sludge is converted into biogas in anaerobic digesters.

#5 ZanttzZ – Eric Winsborrow, CEO

ZanttZ, Inc. is a startup based in Silicon Valley, andRichland,WA, utilizing Software Defined Networking and patented network virtualization technologies to help detect and dampen the impact of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) already present in enterprise networks. ZanttZ’ solutions are based on more than 5 years in Government_funded research into next generation cyber security technology. ZanttZ is currently deploying these advanced capabilities for the US Department of Defense, NSA, DHS and others, and is seeking an A round to develop an enterprise grade commercial network security solution.

#6 Froovie Organics _ Eric Quick, CEO

FroovieTM is the first certified organic, gluten free cold-blended complete beverage solution. Created by food-service veterans, Roger and Eric, Froovie fills a market void by providing consumers a tasty, truly healthy beverage/snack that has significantly less sugar and calories than other “juice based” solutions while it’s labor free “Bag in a Box” (BIB) fountain-style delivery method allows for ease of operation and maintenance by users.

The Keiretsu Forum is the largest North American angel investment network and has been one of the most active in the Bay Area for the past five years according to the San Francisco Business Times.

The Angel Capital Expo will be held in the Microsoft, 1065 La Avenida Street, Building One,Mountain View,CA with registration beginning at 7:30 AM.  Please contact Sonja Markova to register – 415.573.0751.