Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Academy

07.31.2012 - Capital Markets

The Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Academy is a rigorous program for entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital from angel investors to grow their companies.  It is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, resources and tools needed to facilitate discussions with prospective investors.

The program is divided into three six hour sessions over three days.  Each session is composed of three two hour courses led by a highly experienced industry executive or professional.  The material is practical, relevant and timely providing entrepreneurs with the insight and knowledge regarding current practices that are critical to their success.

Session A

Course Number      Course Title

Course #1                  CEO’S Roles and Responsibilities

Course #2                  The Deal – Understanding Terms, Conditions and Financing Options

Course #3                  Due Diligence and You

Session B

Course #4                  Accounting – Setting Up Books & Financial Projections

Course #5                  Protecting Intellectual Property

Course #6                  Sales & Marketing

Session C

Course #7                  Avoiding Incorporation, Formation & Compensation Pitfalls

Course #8                  Valuation & Exit Strategies

Course #9                  The Pitch

Throughout the Entrepreneur Academy program, entrepreneurs are supported by Ambassadors who are seasoned business executives that work with participants to ensure they understand the material presented and foster integration of the material into the operations of their businesses.  Each Ambassador becomes the personal resource portal for the entrepreneurs with whom each works.