North Bay Investor Summit Presenting Companies

10.08.2012 - Banquet Of Life

Cars, Cabernet & Cash

Ten innovative companies have been selected to make investment presentations to accredited investors at the annual North Bay Investor Summit (NBIS). The firms were chosen from the 30+ applications submitted.

B&R Liquid Adventure, Bluebird Interactive, Claro Energy, Evena Medical, eZe Products, Free Flow Wines, Glooey, Lumen LED, Tastebud Incubator & Tractus

The annual NBIS is the largest gathering of angel investors and venture capitalists in the North Bay and was created to foster and promote entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs that have presented at NBIS have raised in excess of $9,000,000. More than 125 accredited investors are expected.

Accredited investors interested in attending NBIS on October 30, 2012 at the Sonoma Raceway – 29355 Arnold Drive in Sonoma, CA should follow this link to obtain additional information about the event and register.