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Business Valuation: Art, Science or Pure Guesswork?
“It is often said that determining the value of a privately held business is, at best, an art as much as a science and, at worst, a pure guess. To say the least, there are probably more methods used to determine the value of a business than there are ways “to skin the proverbial cat.” Valuing a business requires an extensive process of information gathering and analyzing which, along the way, incorporates substantial judgmental factors.” (Los Angeles Daily Commerce) Read More

Privately Owned Firms Elude Simple Valuation
“Owners of privately held companies are confronted with the need to establish a value for their businesses for a variety of reasons: sale of the business, buying out a partner, estate and tax planning, insurance coverage, bank loans, employee stock ownership plans, divorce or death. The task is not easy. The problem is compounded by the many different methods of valuation, with no single solution covering every business.” (Daily News, San Fernando Valley, CA) Read More

Management Holds the Key to Business Success
“There are a number of traits that set apart successful managers from the merely average. First, and perhaps most important, is leadership. What are the characteristics of great leaders? Are they born with those characteristics or are they learned? The answer is probably a bit of both.” (Daily News, San Fernando Valley, CA) Read More

Venture Capital: It’s Scarce But Still Available
“Professional venture capitalists for the most part have been shifting their focus into later stage investments, in particular, leveraged buyouts and expansion financing for existing companies. The returns are as great or greater than investments in early stage companies and are achieved in a much shorter time frame with significantly less risk. Where then does this leave the entrepreneur who is seeking to raise the investment capital necessary to translate his/her vision into a marketable product or service? What alternative sources of financing are available to the entrepreneur? Business enterprises are funded by many other ways. However, one has to work diligently at unearthing them.” (Los Angeles Business Journal) Read More

Business at the Crossroads: To IPO or Not to IPO?
“During the lifecycle of every privately owned company, especially one that is rapidly growing, there comes a critical juncture. The decision to go it alone, sell out or refinance the business is a turning point from which there is no retreat. Whatever the decision, it will have a dramatic impact on the company’s future.” (M&A Today) Read More

An Outsider’s Opinion Can Be Valuable to a Company
“Entrepreneurs are successful because of their unyielding commitment to seeing their business succeed. Often this intense drive results in a less than objective analysis of problems, as well as opportunities, and causes unrealistic expectations. Outsiders can provide a more detached, balanced and dispassionate analysis of important issues by asking the difficult questions that many times are ignored or overlooked.” (Los Angeles Business Journal) Read More

What has ACG Done for You Lately?
“Nearly 20 years ago, I joined ACG Los Angeles. ACG’s growth since then has been remarkable and many changes have taken place. However, one thing that has endured is the many relationships I’ve forged.” (Mergers & Acquisitions: The Dealmaker’s Journal) Read More