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Today we operate in a global economy that looks different every day.  Objective, candid, timely and accurate information is requisite for success.

This page reflects our commitment to providing owners and senior executives of privately owned middle market companies with the tools and information to maximize the value of their company.

As you might expect, content will primarily focus on buying a company, financing a company and selling a company.   Equally important, though, is growing a company.  We will seek out other professionals and tap their expertise by sharing innovative ways of doing business and exploring best practices.

Value Drivers That Maximize Company Value

Buying a company, especially a privately owned middle market company, is a complex transaction fraught with risk.  Consequently, owners selling a company must make every effort to mitigate those risks.  One way to accomplish that is to identify the company’s “value drivers” and burnish them brightly.
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Preparing a Business for Sale

Business owners who are interested in selling their companies often don’t anticipate the outside factors that can quickly influence a deal. By taking proactive measures far in advance, potential sellers can help ensure success and avoid getting blindsided by deal-killing surprises.
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Managing Earnings Case Study

It is the rare exception that an owner of a middle market company manages their company to maximize profits as opposed to managing the company to minimize taxes.
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Successful Financing Transaction Considerations

An outline compiled from materials Franz von Bradsky has presented at numerous seminars and workshops on obtaining growth capital. Issues important to institutional investors in their investment decision are highlighted.
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Business Plans – The Essential Elements

An outline of the most important elements of a business plan that has been compiled from presentation materials used by Franz von Bradsky at various seminars and workshops on how to obtain financing for a business.
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Ian’s 59 Internet Marketing Tips

During the past year we have had the good fortune to work closely with Ian Lurie (CEO) of Portent Interactive and his team on two internet marketing projects.  Both projects were very successful, far beyond our expectations.

We are extremely grateful for Ian’s permission to publish his, “The Internet Marketing List: 59 Things You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren’t,” here for the benefit of those visiting our website.
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As Credit Tightens, Mezzanine Financing Plays Bigger Role

The continuing turmoil roiling the financial markets has exacerbated the credit crunch and made lenders more risk averse. Lenders continue to reduce the availability of credit and limit leverage, which ensures that mezzanine financing will play a larger role in financing the growth of privately owned “middle market” companies in the future.
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Asset-Based Loans Can Offer Attractive Financing Option

How can companies maximize their financing options right now when credit is tighter than ever? This is a question on the minds of middle-market companies across thePuget Soundregion and beyond.  Businesses need money to grow, and acquiring owners often want leveraged returns based on minimal equity investment. Loan size is often the most important factor when selecting a senior lender to finance growth or an acquisition.
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What Credit Crunch? Recaps Give Business Owners Another Option

The credit crunch that has frozen credit markets has turned what was a seller’s market for privately owned ‘middle market’ companies a year ago into a buyer’s market, resulting in a severe reduction in the number of merger and acquisition transactions.
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Unlocking Value in Privately Owned Companies

Many business owners and their professional advisors often overlook a viable alternative when considering a transition in ownership — the leveraged recapitalization, typically referred to in industry parlance as a “recap.”
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Positioning Your Company for Sale

People who run their business with a ‘for sale’ attitude will boost the company’s value (even if it isn’t actually for sale).  If the burst of mergers and acquisitions in recent years has been eye-popping, M&A in the early 2000′s should be astounding.
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